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It may not be possible to help everyone, but we know that everyone can help someone. 
Working from this premise, CCHC continues to work toward making St. Thomas, Central Elgin, and Southwold Township healthier and happier – one person at a time, one day at a time.

With input from our partners, volunteers, board, staff, and community members we are in the process of re-imagining programs, services, and service delivery. We are proud to launch three new initiatives along with our core services:  

“These new initiatives will provide comfort, connection, and hope to our community’s most vulnerable. It is important to note that these new programs, while important, are not funded 
by Ontario Health West, so your support and help is needed!”
Judith Wiley, CEO

Street Level Health Care Services – As we are all aware, one of the most vulnerable populations is those who live on the streets or with precarious housing arrangements. This became even more obvious during the height of the pandemic. To serve that population, and to take pressure off our vital Emergency Department services, CCHC staff attend The Inn to provide primary care services. As members of this community are often uninsured due to lack of identification, the cost associated to their care is provided thanks to your generosity.

CCHC Mobile Unit – To provide care to Amish, Mennonite, and migrant worker communities, CCHC takes the Mobile Unit into the community to overcome transportation and access issues. A CCHC Nurse Practitioner provides one-one-one primary care and offers support and much needed information to ensure healthy and happy individuals and families. CCHC also ensures that vital tests and prescriptions are available to those without coverage.

Senior iPad Lending Library – With your support, CCHC will provide this new service to reduce social isolation and loneliness, a major contributor to seniors’ mental health, and ongoing decline over time. Supporting seniors who are either homebound or who are not ready to participate in a group setting, CCHC will lend an iPad and provide internet access to those participating in online programs or for a virtual appointment. CCHC will work with local high school students to help with maintenance of the tablets and educating seniors on their use.

You can play your part by becoming involved as volunteer, donor and supporter. Any one of the CCHC team would be happy to discuss our important work and to give you more information about our amazing service.  They can tell you why we are healthcare with a difference!

Please support CCHC and play and play a vital role in the wellbeing of your community and fellow citizens. Your donation will help make Elgin healthier and stronger; it will make a difference in the lives of many.

Types of Donations

Regular Donations

We accept donations in cash, cheque, or money order. You can direct your gift to a specific program as well. If you are unsure where to direct your gift, consider contributing to the area of greatest need, which will allocate your donation directly to the area of highest priority.

Monthly Donations

Some donors prefer to join our monthly giving program. The CCHC benefits from your monthly support by providing a steady source of revenue to the CCHC when the need arises. With year-round pre-authorized payments, you support ongoing projects and programs and help us save administrative costs, putting more dollars directly to work to meet the variety of client and community needs.

Endowment and Named Funds

Using current or future gifts, you can establish a named fund at CCHC. Established funds honour a donor, a family or a loved one, and are living tributes to special people and their families.

Gifts of Securities

Recent tax changes have made it even more attractive to donate publicly traded securities. Under rules in the 2006 federal budget, you may give stocks, bonds, futures and options, as well as shares in mutual funds and you will pay no tax on the capital gain. This greatly reduces the out-of-pocket expense of making such a donation. Call to find out more.

Planned Giving

A charitable donation in your will means that you are thinking about the community health care legacy for future generations. This wonderful gift ensures that our children’s future and the welfare of the community will be protected for years to come.

Tributes/In Memoriam

We all have family members, friends, doctors and staff who are special to us. To make a tribute gift, either in honour of or in memory of someone, is a meaningful way to recognize your loved ones while contributing to excellent community health care at the Central Community Health Centre. An acknowledgement card will be sent to the honouree, or their family, informing them of your kind gesture.

By Mail/In-Person:

Please contact Judith Wiley at 519-633-7989 x 403 or send an email to Judith Wiley for more information.

Upcoming Events

Event Name:
St. Thomas Outreach
November 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm
Event Name:
East Elgin Outreach
November 17, 2022 @ 8:30 am
Event Name:
World Heart Day
September 29
Event Name:
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
September 30
Event Name:
Mental Illness Awareness Week
October 1